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Mr Jarlsberg’s journey for 2020 vision: a not-so-cheesy story

Mr Jarlsberg didn’t have the easiest start to life. As a blind rescue cat, it would have been extremely difficult and frightening to navigate the world. Lucky for Mr Jarlsberg, the RSPCA rescued him at the age of one year and took him into the safety of their Lonsdale shelter.

After showing off his beautiful nature, he was soon a favourite among the staff. He was given the name Mr Jarlsberg after their favourite cheese, “because he is sweet and slightly nutty – and of course a distinguished young man, hence the Mister”.

Examination by the RSPCA vets revealed Mr Jarlsberg had cataracts and he was referred to VOR for a pro bono specialist ophthalmic assessment. Dr Read diagnosed Mr Jarlsberg with congenital cataracts and mild microphthalmia and assessed he was completely blind. The prognosis for useful vision after cataract extraction surgery was deemed good. At VOR, we operate where indicated on genuine strays and rescue cases at cost only and this was offered for Mr Jarlsberg. The RSPCA were pleased to take up the offer and raised the funds to cover costs with a ‘go fund me’ campaign.

Mr Jarlsberg’s eyes were too small to receive feline intraocular lens implants and the eyes were left ‘aphakic’ (lenseless) after cataract removal. However, the resultant long-sighted vision is serving him well. He may not be able to read his texts on his mobile, but he can definitely see his new owner, food bowl, cat bed, cat door and lounge room couch. Not a bad outcome for blind rescue cat!