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Update on Clincians at VOR

Alex Enters Residency Final Straight

Alex Verloop is now entering his final year of training in his ECVO approved Residency Training Program in Veterinary Ophthalmology.  Veterinary Residencies are not easy to come by and require considerable motivation, dedication, application and personal sacrifice.  Alex is the third resident to undertake an approved Residency Training Program at VOR.  This follows Kellam Bayley (now back in New Zealand as a Registered Specialist) and Zoe Anastassiadis (also now a Registered Specialist).

A specialist residency can be likened to a professional marathon, so it is not for the idle or faint-hearted.  After the completion of an approved training program and other credential requirements (such as publications and conference presentations) come the exams, the specialist qualifications and then finally registration as a specialist with the Veterinary Surgeons Board.

Team VOR