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How to refer a patient

A referral to see a specialist can be a stressful time for your client and making the process as smooth and as easy as possible is our utmost priority at Veterinary Ophthalmic Referrals. When referring a client to VOR, it is ideal to fill out our online referral form to inform us of the relevant eye issues and previous therapies, followed by emailing the full patient history. Our specialists can then determine any underlying or related problems as well as being aware of current treatment plans that are in place.

Your client also needs to be informed that they need to contact us to book the appointment. Phoning the practice during clinic hours on 08 7324 2810 is the simplest and most efficient method to book an appointment, or they can send an enquiry via reception@voreyevet.com.au or the link on our website. We have found this works much better than us trying to chase up potential referral clients who may not quite be ‘ready’ or ‘available’ for an appointment time. Once the owners have contacted us, we will be able to find a suitable time to see their pet and we will inform them of any preparation needed for their pets appointment (fasting, medications, costs etc).

Below is a price guide for our more common procedures which you may find helpful if discussing referral costs with your client.